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Electric Bed

Invacare 5410IVC Hospital Bed
The Invacare Full-Electric Hospital Bed Package is a fantastic value, containing the top-rated Invacare 5410IVC hospital bed, mattress, and bed side rails. Includes free Delivery

This Invacare 5410IVC full-electric hospital bed set includes an innerspring mattress. Upgrades are available for a more premium mattress selection. You can also choose from half-length or whole-length side rails.

This is a quiet, smooth-operating electric bed and provides flexible patient positioning for comfort and therapy. 

One of the most popular home care beds is the Invacare Full-Electric High-Low bed. Available in twin size only, 80" wide x 220" long (sleep surface). Overall length is 240" (outside of headboard to footboard). The new high-impact bed ends won't mar or show scratches like the old style fake wood-grain.

Bed height range (with 6" mattress): 21" - 29" lets you adjust bed height for safer and easier transfers.

Full-Electric Operation:
All positions are controlled electrically to provide greatest convenience for the patient and ease to the caregiver. The hand pendant controls the positioning of the upper body and/or knees, and can be placed anywhere for maximum patient comfort. The pendant control also adjusts bed frame height for efficient use of accessories, and safe and easy transfer.

Includes Mattress:
The Full-Electric Bed set includes mattress and bed rails. Upgrade options for Invacare Foam Mattress systems.

Includes Bed Rails:
Bed package includes Full-Length Bed Rails. Optional Half-Rails are available.
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Electric Bed