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Go Go Elite Traveller

Go Go Elite Traveller® Sport from the ‘Pride® Travel Scooter’ range features an innovative design with a full complement of unique standard features. A charger port conveniently located in the tiller, front and rear LED lighting, 9-inch wheels at front and rear and an increased weight capacity of 23 Stone 3 lbs. are just a few features that make the Go-Go Elite Traveller Sport an exceptional scooter.

Battery Size (Ah): 18ah                   Ground Clearance (cm): 5.00                       Heaviest Part: 20kg
Range: 10-12 miles                           Max Speed: 4mph                                       Max User Weight: 147kg
Turning Radius: 128.3cm                   Tyres: Solid                                                       Length: 109.2cm
Width: 54cm                                           Weight: 44kg ex batteries

Go Go Elite Traveller